duminică, 31 octombrie 2010

I, tree

I, tree

Anchor in the earth
Always reaching to the sky
I revel in life

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  1. Notes:
    Haiku poetry
    Haiku doesn't rhyme. A Haiku must "paint" a mental image in the reader's mind. This is the challenge of Haiku - to put the poem's meaning and imagery in the reader's mind in only 17 syllables over just three lines of poetry.
    It's often about nature but we are keeping the topic open. Write about nature, feelings, or experiences - whatever you feel will work - that follows this format (5/7/5 syllables).

    Artwork by ekimwoodruff on www.FanArtReview.com

  2. As a side comment, this Haiku is intended to be also a self-portrait. :)

  3. Cred ca are vreo 20 de metrii copacul ala