vineri, 22 octombrie 2010

The Dance

Johann Strauss - The Blue Danube
The Dance

At first they weren't aware of each other. The distance separating them was so great that none could even comprehend it. Living in their little corners, dancing to their own music. Life flowed through them, the joy of living made them spin. Somehow they were aware that there were others out there, but as they grew older, the dance of life continued. On and on, to its own beat, each on its own rhythm. They danced.

Then it happened; one of Fate's surprises. Somehow they felt each other. They were far, but somehow knew they would meet. Unknown forces were drawing them closer. The music continued, but now they could hear each other's song and had the chance to see each other perform. Like two artists painting on Universe's canvas, both were amazing. As time went on, they danced even closer.

And--as in play, as by accident--they touched. A sparkle of one's glow touched the other. But they continued their dance. Time was irrelevant. Life flowed through them. Ages seemed to pass as they danced.

Then the miracle happened again. Their arms touched. Time stood still. They felt each other's vibe, each other's life. The music of the Universe flowed through them, around them and beyond. But, born to dance, they could not stop. It was Destiny. The music had to go on. So did the dance. Slowly at first, as not used to each other, they danced. A new music emerged; a new vibe flowed through them, a different life. More powerful than before, for now they were together. Arm-in-arm, they danced. Their timid embrace stirred the Universe; time was allowed to continue. And the music went on, somehow different, and yet the same. It brought them together, creating a bond like never before. They were reborn.

Confidence grew and their moves went on as if they were destined to dance together. What a sight! Alone in the Universe, they existed only for each other and - through the music - for the dance. Round and round they danced. The pace quickened; life was in a rush. Their hearts came ever closer to each other. The sheer sensuality of the closeness amazed them. The energy of life flowed now through both, but it was not enough. Two tender lovers, they wanted more. Excitement grew, the gentle touches from the beginning led way to a passionate embrace. Stronger and stronger, caressing, feeling each other. And they danced. Entwined, tightly, they danced. Music was all around, urging them to go on. Now there could be no secrets between them. Nothing hidden, just passion--pure as the music, mesmerizing as the dance.

And while dancing, in a moment of sheer beauty and delight, they merged. In perfect harmony, both knew a new height of being--pure ecstasy flowed through them. They were one--no longer separated, never again alone. In that moment they found a new strength - a new life.

The Universe witnessed the birth of a new Galaxy.

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  1. I took the challenge to write a 500 words flash fiction story with the title "the dance". This is what I came up with and I hope you enjoy it.

    Thank you Angelheart (from for the beautiful picture.

  2. Flash Fiction
    The challenge of flash fiction is to tell a complete story in which every word is absolutely essential. A writer must take away the excess until the story is left with nothing but the clean-scraped core of a story.
    In this flash fiction contest we are challenging writers to write a flash fiction piece that is between 500 and 800 words on the topic provided. The topic is "the dance".
    For this contest you must focus on the a single moment of your characters life that somehow involves the topic. How you approach this topic is up to you but the focus of the story must clearly be on that moment and incorporate this topic. What is happening that makes this moment stand out and be interesting to your readers. Take this moment - and use a small number of words - to create your story. It must be a complete story. No poetry.