luni, 3 august 2009



As mighty as today we see ourselves,
We are but a pebble on the Universal shelves.

But a pebble...
But what a pebble!

We bear within like in a tome,
All that it was, and is, or is to come.
Our mind holds out the threads of fate,
No matter if we are aware - it is innate.

The threads...
We hold the threads!

While one can have a strong grip on its own,
Another drifts through life, merely a pawn.
Our canvas paints itself with ease,
As time slips by, swift - like a breeze.

The time…
The time slips by!

All we can do is add the colors,
The shapes, the size, even the odors.
By understanding our skills and nature,
We shape the present, past and future.

The future...
We shape the future!

The boundaries that we can see
Are there to cross them, actually…
And walls are stairs for some to climb,
To gain the mastery of time.

luni, 29 iunie 2009



I walk throughout a fuzzy mist,
I feel it crushing like a fist,
Invisible, powerful, strong,
Clenching with the strength of a throng.

But still, I walk – it lets me so,
Everywhere I can – I go.
It does not hold me back at all;
I do not feel it like a wall.

Yet all around me it exists,
Stalking from shadows like a beast.
Should I live always out in fear?
Should I forget it’s even here?

I wonder about it some days,
Bathing in warm and shiny rays:
No answer clear, no revelation,
No miracle, no realization.

I cannot touch it, yet I know:
Its there, soft – just like snow…
It’s all around me and inside,
I know – from it I cannot hide.

And if I strive a little more,
I almost feel its inner core,
In me, around me and beyond,
It’s nowhere it cannot be found.

I will embrace it, gladly – I’ll accept,
This strange and mystery concept:
That I - yesterday - will be,

As I was - tomorrow - me.

vineri, 26 iunie 2009

The Guard

The Guard

I’m in my post for near' an hour,
Sweat pours like rain beneath my armour,
This freaking planet’s so damn hot,
I feel like I was sent here only to rot.

The dusk sets in, shadows are growing,
I cannot see where am I going...
And tho’ the air is silent and so still,
The shades look like they’re moving for a kill.

Ah, well – I’ll just stay closer to the light,
No point to wander in the night.
I feel a sharp burn: „What the fu..!?!”
Out of impulse I start to duck.

My weapon drops heavy to the ground,
As pain spreads quickly trough my arm.
The time slows to a deadly stop,
As I foresee the horrid trap.

The world now darkens all around,
I cannot hear even a sound...
All I can see is but a milky glow,
It seems so funny... looks like snow.

The comprehension settles in,
This is a game I cannot win.
„This cannot happen now to me!”
I want to live, PLEASE let me be!”

But thoughts cannot become words,
As I have lost my vocal cords,
The cry for mercy and for help,
All now transforms into a yelp.

The demon left me, but comprehension grows:
I cannot breathe; fear grabs me in its claws!
All I can think of, all I cry:
Is but a thought: „I DON’T WANNA DIE!”

The Warrior

The Warrior

The heavy heat of day diminish and it fades,
The slope of dunes are filling fast with shades,
The dusk sets in and stars are spawning in the sky,
As I prepare my soul for the upcoming battle...
...either to live ... or die.

I feel at peace... of death I do not feel afraid,
As all my living debts are fully paid.
Yet, one flaming desire is burning in my heart,
To excite vengeance on our enemies...
... to tear them now apart.

The years of slavery, of pain and of opression,
Both bledeed and fortified our fremen nation.
The time has come for us to take the lead,
To bring death and destruction to our tyrants...
... our souls to feed.

I scan the nearby camp and I recheck my knife,
My trusted blade, the tooth of God and guardian of life.
Its milky glow will soon bring terror to our foe,
As they will know their spark of life out of this world...
... will quickly go.

A chilling owl call shouts deeply in the night:
It is the sign to start the fight.
I move silently from shade to shade,
As now the owl call begins to fade.

I meet a guard patrolling near a tower,
Wielding a laser... he looks so certain of his power.
A fluid blur of thrusts and jabs to neck and hand,
And he falls silent in the sand.

I feel around me the death specter as it spreads,
Its blades severing our foe’ life-line threads.
The death commando moves violent, like a tempest,
Cleansing the land of the harkonnen pest.

And now... besides the wind, there is no sound,
Only dark bodies lie still upon the ground.
No storm, but thunder booms into the night:

joi, 14 mai 2009

Wings of Snow

Wings of Snow

The ice and snow lays heavy on my chest,
My sight is blurred; I only want to rest…
The muscles ache, my lungs are freezing,
I hear only the cold and windy breezing.

The icy breath did catch me by surprise,
As in the distance a misty figure did arise.
The Icy Dragon left me here for dead,
On wings of storm his rage to spread.

My mind is racing as I search a word,
A simple one… the calling of my sword.
My frozen lips so slowly start to part,
And I can hear a faintly whisper: “Lionheart”…

I clench the hilt with cold and numbly fingers,
And feel within my chest something which triggers,
A flow of rage, of strength, of might,
Determination, Power, Light!

I draw the life force from the blade,
The coldness can now only fade…
I start to rise commanded by a thought:
"This Dragon shall now feel my WRATH!”

The Dream

The Dream

Without restrain’, the dream unfold’:
We fly throughout the clouds of cold,
Towards the ground our dragons soar,
Flapping their flaming wings, starting to roar.

Some careless orcs, they’re snapping in their maw’,
Making us feeling only awe.
We have within our power mighty beast,
Who’re making from a hundred horde's a measly feast.

Our eyes start shining with delight,
We jump down from their backs, now blessed with might..
Defiant, we attack. The horde is near,
We wield our swords and spread the fear.

The efforts to upgrade our gear
Now help in thousand’ parts our enemies to tear.
Those wipe-full nights which seemed without solution,
Now grants us this worthy Retribution!



Raiding hard, year after year,
Ever improving my already imba gear,
I sit and ponder on a freezing shore:
"Why should I strive out now for more?
Why should I care for shiny swords,
When they are really only words?"

The time goes by, really... unfelt,
The months and days begin to melt...
In memory, in dream, in mind...
Even my real name is hard to find...

The questions twist and grow in size,
No real answers have arise'...
Maybe because it's late at night,
Maybe because the dimming light...

A glimpse of wisdom whispers from the deep:
"Maybe you should now go to sleep..."
But, no! I am so close to end the quest!
And after - maybe - I will rest!

"There is another day tomorrow...
Sleep now and you will feel no sorrow"
My eyes grow heavy, image blurs,
I feel like I am wrapped in furs...
Slowly, soo slowly the image dim,
And I slip easily in dream...


I would like to thank all of you reading my blog. I hope you will find it pleasant and interesting. It's mainly focused on some of my thoughts as you will see.