marți, 26 octombrie 2010

The Abomination

The Abomination

I was lost.
The obviously artificial habitat offered no clue to its intricate design - if it had a function, it sure wasn't one self explanatory. And to make things worse, it was infested with those abominable alien creatures.

It was not right - ever since they came to our planet, strange giant dwellings, just like the one I was now into, appeared everywhere on the surface. And they were swarming around their lairs in all shapes and sizes - even the seas were a thriving environment for them.

Although I knew my purpose here, there was no way I could clear my mind of the dangers that lay ahead. I had to learn as much information as I could about these terrific beings. The only thing I hoped was to be fast and stealthy enough not to be caught. Apparently each time we were trying to approach one of their newly emerged hives, they somehow knew we were coming and gathered to wipe out our observers. As the rest died horribly, crushed on our approach, I was one of the lucky ones who managed to reach alive inside one of their hives. The idea to use so many of us as decoys, only to get stealthily a few across their borders made me tremble. Now the challenge was to be able to come back with something which would help us repel them.

The room I was into was very long and narrow with various bulges on the sides - I could hardly see its purpose - as it was entirely empty. I was wondering if I could go back to safety if any trouble came, when all of a sudden a flash of light appeared as one of the bulges opened.

It was the first time I've seen so close a member of their race. They were obviously built and bred for physical violence - massive towering bodies with powerful extremities which enabled them to easily crush any one of us in an instant. They also had the ability to move extremely fast and in a precise matter due to complex locomotors and location organs - a predatory race for sure. We haven't got any chance to study closely any of their opaque bodies, and from a distance they simply looked like every nightmare horror one could imagine.

I was priding myself to be one of the fastest among the information gatherers, and that was the thing that saved me then from sure death. The creature that emerged hesitated only for a moment, then with a thunderous sound reached one of its powerful extremities to grab me. The pain from its grip was unimaginable and fear almost paralyzed all my body, but somehow I managed to slip away.

Trembling in panic, I was heading as fast as possible away from the monster. The creature started to emit powerful noises which only added to the terror I felt. An orifice opened rhythmically on one of the creature's extremities to accompany the sound. Sweat poured off me, as fear of those abominations only grew.

The man started laughing as he watched the tiny ooze slowly crawling away from its grasp, leaving a wet trail behind it.

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  1. In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, an OOZE is a type of creature. This category includes such monsters as slimes, jellies, deadly puddings, and similar mindless, amorphous blobs.

    Artwork is one of Rob Cuenca for Legends of Norrath cardgame.