joi, 14 mai 2009

Wings of Snow

Wings of Snow

The ice and snow lays heavy on my chest,
My sight is blurred; I only want to rest…
The muscles ache, my lungs are freezing,
I hear only the cold and windy breezing.

The icy breath did catch me by surprise,
As in the distance a misty figure did arise.
The Icy Dragon left me here for dead,
On wings of storm his rage to spread.

My mind is racing as I search a word,
A simple one… the calling of my sword.
My frozen lips so slowly start to part,
And I can hear a faintly whisper: “Lionheart”…

I clench the hilt with cold and numbly fingers,
And feel within my chest something which triggers,
A flow of rage, of strength, of might,
Determination, Power, Light!

I draw the life force from the blade,
The coldness can now only fade…
I start to rise commanded by a thought:
"This Dragon shall now feel my WRATH!”

The Dream

The Dream

Without restrain’, the dream unfold’:
We fly throughout the clouds of cold,
Towards the ground our dragons soar,
Flapping their flaming wings, starting to roar.

Some careless orcs, they’re snapping in their maw’,
Making us feeling only awe.
We have within our power mighty beast,
Who’re making from a hundred horde's a measly feast.

Our eyes start shining with delight,
We jump down from their backs, now blessed with might..
Defiant, we attack. The horde is near,
We wield our swords and spread the fear.

The efforts to upgrade our gear
Now help in thousand’ parts our enemies to tear.
Those wipe-full nights which seemed without solution,
Now grants us this worthy Retribution!



Raiding hard, year after year,
Ever improving my already imba gear,
I sit and ponder on a freezing shore:
"Why should I strive out now for more?
Why should I care for shiny swords,
When they are really only words?"

The time goes by, really... unfelt,
The months and days begin to melt...
In memory, in dream, in mind...
Even my real name is hard to find...

The questions twist and grow in size,
No real answers have arise'...
Maybe because it's late at night,
Maybe because the dimming light...

A glimpse of wisdom whispers from the deep:
"Maybe you should now go to sleep..."
But, no! I am so close to end the quest!
And after - maybe - I will rest!

"There is another day tomorrow...
Sleep now and you will feel no sorrow"
My eyes grow heavy, image blurs,
I feel like I am wrapped in furs...
Slowly, soo slowly the image dim,
And I slip easily in dream...


I would like to thank all of you reading my blog. I hope you will find it pleasant and interesting. It's mainly focused on some of my thoughts as you will see.