joi, 14 mai 2009



Raiding hard, year after year,
Ever improving my already imba gear,
I sit and ponder on a freezing shore:
"Why should I strive out now for more?
Why should I care for shiny swords,
When they are really only words?"

The time goes by, really... unfelt,
The months and days begin to melt...
In memory, in dream, in mind...
Even my real name is hard to find...

The questions twist and grow in size,
No real answers have arise'...
Maybe because it's late at night,
Maybe because the dimming light...

A glimpse of wisdom whispers from the deep:
"Maybe you should now go to sleep..."
But, no! I am so close to end the quest!
And after - maybe - I will rest!

"There is another day tomorrow...
Sleep now and you will feel no sorrow"
My eyes grow heavy, image blurs,
I feel like I am wrapped in furs...
Slowly, soo slowly the image dim,
And I slip easily in dream...

2 comentarii:

  1. My first poem is inspired by the game World of Warcraft and its addiction factor. Happily now I managed to find a balance between real life and online play, but I experienced the addiction in its early stages. From that I can honestly tell you - it's not good.
    Although you can get some nice experiences during the game (for example the feeling of heroic accomplishments), the side-effects appear in your real life. Losses of focus at work, downgrade of your overall performance, fighting with your finacee, etc are only some of the negative factors.
    My personal recommendation on the matter of online games is: "Use with caution and moderation!"

  2. As for notes on the wording used (they are game-specific words):
    RAIDING = scheduled online activity with the purpose of focusing more players to accomplish a specific goal, this can take many hours each day
    IMBA = something very powerful
    GEAR = the equipment used by the online characters, in order to improve overall performance
    QUEST = an in-game task which offers rewards after its completion