joi, 14 mai 2009

The Dream

The Dream

Without restrain’, the dream unfold’:
We fly throughout the clouds of cold,
Towards the ground our dragons soar,
Flapping their flaming wings, starting to roar.

Some careless orcs, they’re snapping in their maw’,
Making us feeling only awe.
We have within our power mighty beast,
Who’re making from a hundred horde's a measly feast.

Our eyes start shining with delight,
We jump down from their backs, now blessed with might..
Defiant, we attack. The horde is near,
We wield our swords and spread the fear.

The efforts to upgrade our gear
Now help in thousand’ parts our enemies to tear.
Those wipe-full nights which seemed without solution,
Now grants us this worthy Retribution!

2 comentarii:

  1. This one is somewhat like a follow-up of the previous one. It gets more into the roleplaying factor of World of Warcraft and it's community. Enjoy!

  2. Some notes:
    The players can use dragons as their mounts in game for faster travel.
    ORCS are a different race in the game, part of the HORDE (one of the two enemy factions in game: The ALLIANCE and The HORDE)
    WIPE = The players gather in game for raids against very powerful specific in game monsters. To kill the monster usually takes a lot of tries, failing this - results in death of the entire group, also known as wipe.