luni, 29 iunie 2009



I walk throughout a fuzzy mist,
I feel it crushing like a fist,
Invisible, powerful, strong,
Clenching with the strength of a throng.

But still, I walk – it lets me so,
Everywhere I can – I go.
It does not hold me back at all;
I do not feel it like a wall.

Yet all around me it exists,
Stalking from shadows like a beast.
Should I live always out in fear?
Should I forget it’s even here?

I wonder about it some days,
Bathing in warm and shiny rays:
No answer clear, no revelation,
No miracle, no realization.

I cannot touch it, yet I know:
Its there, soft – just like snow…
It’s all around me and inside,
I know – from it I cannot hide.

And if I strive a little more,
I almost feel its inner core,
In me, around me and beyond,
It’s nowhere it cannot be found.

I will embrace it, gladly – I’ll accept,
This strange and mystery concept:
That I - yesterday - will be,

As I was - tomorrow - me.

3 comentarii:

  1. Part of my view on a popular concept.
    I'll try to enrich this view with some future thoughts.

  2. frumos blog; bravo ptr postari; mai revin

  3. Due to heavy comments on other forums, I decided to reveal the mistery. So no, it's no drug-induced trance... :)
    The concept I reffered to is "time".

    PS: multumesc sebi_2569 pt comment.